Pods are quickly becoming a hot new trend throughout corporate offices and universities worldwide. Not only do they maximize the use of minimal space, they have been seen to encourage collaboration and engagement between employees. According to a workplace survey conducted by Gensler, “Employers who provide a spectrum of choices for when and where to work are seen as more innovative and have higher performing employees.”

One of the reasons for this is that these new working spaces encourage a sense of community and innovation which in turn inspires exploration and collaboration. It gives employees the chance to change up their working environment as well as take a break from interfering background noise, particularly if they need to make a phone call or attend a video conference call.

Best of all though, is the versatility these pods are providing to office spaces large and small due to their built in audio visual technology. The pods can be customised to provide a wide range of audio visual equipment such as video conferencing systems, automated sensory systems, network connectivity, sound proofing, power points, LED lighting and more. Whether you wish to incorporate pods as small meeting rooms for up to 12 people or a sound proofing hot desk for one person these pods can meet every business need.

Some of the other main benefits to introducing audio visual pods to your workplace are:

  • Allows greater concentration due to less distractions and noise pollution
  • Makes great use of corridors and other areas of lost space
  • Simple and quick to build and install on site
  • Can be easily repositioned for changing needs of the workplace
  • Help to modernize an environment, adapt to new ways of working and living
  • Cater for a variety of activities in one area
  • Can be adapted and integrated into any space including colour and size
  • Pods integrate and work with the space around it to maximise the use of space available
  • Perfect for customers in corporate offices, co-working spaces, education based environments and in the event arena

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