Some of you may have noticed a bug on the corner of your TV screen when you’re watching RTE 1, RTE 2 or TG4. At Spectrum AV we have gotten some calls, what’s the October 24th thing on my screen ? What’s that annoying yoke on the tele ? Why can’t I see the score on the macth ? Well, that’s RTE’s way of reminding the public that the analogue switch off (ASO) is at 10am on October 24th. If you can see this icon on your screen than you need to act, either get a set top box to view Saorview or upgrade your TV and possibly your aerial. RTE are predicting such a crazy rush for Saorview in October that equipment will be in short stock so they are advising the public to act now and avoid the rush. Their predictions are based on stats from the UK digital switchover when hundreds of thousands of people had no TV until equipment was re-stocked which took a few weeks. So, if this thing is annoying you and you wondered what it was, there’s your answer ! So get a move on and enjoy the rest of the Euros in free High Definition.