As mentioned in the previous blog, the savings to be made with video conferencing are huge. The costs with video conferencing and the return on investment dwarf alternative solutions. With a phone provider for instance you could pay €350 for an IP phone with a video screen on your desk to €4,500 for an executive desktop system, €15,000 for a meeting room or €250,000 for an immersive room.

The average spend on Video conferencing system is between €3,000 and €5000 while the most popular systems costs €10,000. Most Telepresence set-ups involve room based systems with cameras, microphones, speakers and big screens that together can convey a more real life presence of people in locations that might be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

A business person who travels from Dublin to London twice a month, to attend meetings for two hours in one day, could save over €6,300, 260 hours and 2,800kg in CO2 emissions per year. Two colleagues who travel from Galway to Cork by car twice a month to attend meetings for two hours in one day, could jointly save over €10,200, 300 hours and over 5,400kg in CO2 emissions per year.

These are some interesting statistics to take into consideration when contemplating having a Video Conferencing system installed in your place of business.