Samsung has announced a new addition to the digital interactive display Flip family. The new Samsung Flip 2 is available in two sizes, 55″  and 65″ which can be configured to portrait or landscape orientations. The 55″ is a portable solution that can easily transform any space into a huddle area for quick and flexible meeting option.  The 65″ model can be wall mounted and used as a main display in a meeting room or as an interactive whiteboard in a classroom. The Flip 2’s intuitive, user-friendly menu is optimised for many applications making it ideal for product and fashion design, architects, sports training and smaller huddle spaces in corporate offices.


With the quick finder feature, users can access up to 20 pages with embedded search facilities. This saves time and interruptions that can result from flipping through charts looking for specific content. The screenshot feature and direct web access allows for instant content sharing with meeting attendees. This feature reduces the need for handwritten notes to be taken during a class or meeting, meaning that attendees can pay full attention during the meeting.  The Flip 2 provides seamless ease of use with pen-to-paper-like writing in a variety of colours, styles and widths. It also has an artistic mode allowing users to create art in watercolour and oil painting modes.




The built in document viewer gives users easy access to any Microsoft document including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files. This makes it a useful option for presentations as well as brainstorm meetings. Other convenient features are the calendar, scheduler, and note or checklist board. Sensitive information can be safeguarded from other team users due to the reinforced six-digit lock system which ensures meeting information is kept secure.



One of the most versatile features with the Flip 2 is the fact that it can be used to project content onto another large digital display in realtime, using a Wi-Fi Direct or HDMI out connection. This makes it the perfect device for lecture theaters or large classrooms where the instructor needs to write or draw updates on an image while teaching.  The Flip 2 display can even be shared while connected to a personal device, ideal for large meeting environments. The optional connectivity extension tray offers USB, HDMI, NFC and wireless connection capabilities which adds another level of interactive content visibility, notation and sharing.

Overall, this new addition to the smart signage market gives other brands with similar products a run for their money. With it’s affordable price point and flexible, convenient features the Samsung Flip 2 condenses the need for multiple tools into one.

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