These meeting pods are an innovative way to create smart working spaces in an open plan office or communal area. With their acoustic foam interiors noise is greatly reduced providing an excellent space to hold collaborative meetings with less noise interference. The pods can be customized to suit any colour pallet or interior decor as they come in a wide range of colours and materials. Each pod is made to suit your businesses needs with power points, table, USB points, LED lighting, foam interiors, and audio visual equipment.


The modular pods are particular useful in spaces where they may need to be moved or reconfigured to suit the size or needs of the workflow.

With all of the benefits of meeting pods these modular pods provide an extra level of customization so that they adapt to the environment they are placed in.


With our extensive experience in supply and install of AV solutions in the public sector we can offer services such as Ambient Music, digital signage, large format displays and wired/wireless networks. We work with shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, public houses and while every project is unique we offer a full design and consultation service alongside our installation and support services. Please get in touch to discuss your project or refurbishment requirements.



The silent pods conveniently come in four different sizes ranging from very small one person private booths to six person pods. These pods are perfect for those who need to take a private call in silence or conduct a video conferencing call and escape the noisy environment of an open plan office. All silent pods are fully sound proofed providing a higher level of privacy, confidentiality and freedom to users. Each pod takes between 15 and 60 minutes to be installed and can be fully customized in a large range of colours and materials. The pods can also be easily relocated to suit your businesses needs. Each pod features a data line for internet access, power points, LED lighting, air ventilation, built in table, automated sensory system and specialised audio visual equipment.


The glass enclosure pods are an excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor work space. The outdoor pods are fully weather proofed with front and rear double glazing, solar panels and battery storage for phone and laptop charging, LED lights, and Bluetooth speakers. They can also be fitted with video conferencing systems or other audio visual technology to suit your business needs.

They are the perfect solution for companies who wish to provide alternative outdoor working environments for their employees. These fully customizable pods fit seamlessly into any setting while still providing shelter from the elements. These glass enclosures are also suitable for indoor use as they provide a private and comfortable work space for private calls, video conferencing meetings or just as an area to escape for a moments solitude.


Residential AV has been one our main areas of expertise for many years. At Spectrum AV we design and install high end and detailed specification of Residential AV also offering full consultation support with your Electrical Contractors or Architects.We supply sound and lighting systems as well as integrated solutions such as CCTV, Heating and Access Control. Our range of manufacturing partners reflects the need to supply a high level of design and installation service with excellent customer support.

At Spectrum AV, you can rely on a quality service on all levels.

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