The new Jabra PanaCast camera has been selected by Zoom Video Communications as the only enterprise-grade camera with the advanced functionality needed to complete the Zoom Rooms experience. Large multi-national companies such as Uber, Oracle and have heavily invested in the new device with Uber recently installing 850 PanaCast cameras across their global offices.


The innovative technology is the first of its kind to deliver three individual video streams in a single product. These three cameras work in tandem with Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching allowing the cameras to detect which side is speaking. It will then switch the proper camera angle based on the microphone activity and switch back to full room view if no one is speaking.



The concept behind this technology is that it allows users to feel like they are in the room with the person on the other end as the small form factor allows the camera to be placed at eye level. It also serves as an all inclusive solution for small huddle spaces meaning that valuable space is not wasted as due to the 180° capacity of the three cameras. This was an important factor for Uber’s teams as they need to utilize 100 percent of any conference or huddle room, leaving no space wasted or team members out of sight. “When people walk into a conference room, they don’t want to struggle with the technology – they want it to just work,” said Ravi Sharma, head of collaboration and AV services at Uber. “PanaCast provides that while significantly enhancing employee productivity by streamlining collaboration with its intelligent features. That’s why we’ve deployed hundreds of PanaCast devices across Uber’s conference rooms globally.”




Knotel is one of the world’s leading purveyors of custom-designed office spaces with nearly three million square feet owned to date. Along with systems integrator Thom Digital, Knotel has standardized the implementation of the Jabra PanaCast video conferencing camera for huddle rooms in every office space it designs, along with all of its own corporate offices.“Jabra PanaCast is simply the best solution available to satisfy companies’ modern video conferencing needs in small to medium sized rooms,” said Michael Thom, owner of Thom Digital. “Huddle rooms are major communications centers for any business working with remote partners, and Knotel knows that providing a simple, effective, crystal-clear microphone and camera solution is crucial to attracting clients,” Thom added.


Jabra PanaCast is the world’s first intelligent panoramic video collaboration device with three 13-megapixel cameras that work together as one via core technology embedded in the built-in Jabra PanaCast vision processor. The multi-camera array solution offers a full 180-degree, 4K panoramic field of view, creating zero wasted space and eliminating the problem whereby two out of five participants are typically cut from a traditional camera’s view. While PanaCast has been selected by Zoom Video Communications as their number one choice it also works with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.


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