As you may have experienced if you are a Free to Air satellite user, from time to time certain channels change frequency to allow for other channels to move on the platform, which means these channels will come up on the screen as no signal. There is no need to panic. With a few simple steps you can have the channels back in no time. Here’s how…….


Triax SR110

1/ press MENU

2/ select INSTALLATION by pressing CH- button.

3/ press OK, enter password (default is 0000)

4/ select TP Scan, press OK

5/  select TP Index, select TP 4/93 using v- and v+ buttons, (10803 mhz, 22000, H)

6/select Search

7/ on  TP Index, select TP 23/93 (10817 mhz, 22000, V

press back twice to exit menu.

You will find the channels have been added to the end of your list.