The introduction of LG’s new 130″ LED display brings a whole new meaning to wide screen displays. This screen eliminates the need for individual smaller screens for video walls. One of the biggest benefits with this 130″ screen is that is has no bezel. You could combine four 55″ conventional LCD displays and this screen is still bigger, has no lines or distortions and provides an overall immersive visual experience.



The HDR10 Pro support and powerful built in speakers provide a vivid audio and visual impact. The audio comes from 36 embedded Surface Sound points located throughout the entire screen. This means that the sound is projected a longer distance than regular built in speakers. The designers have also thought about ease of use for installation and servicing as the screen comes in small building blocks and front serviceability.

In terms of configuration, the screen is composed of one master unit case and eight slave unit cases. Each unit case automatically recognizes its location and setting values, so the screen doesn’t require any complicated screen setup process. All you need to do is turn on the screen.

The LED screen has been certified Crestron Connected® for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls. The screens seamless integration provides compatibility with multiple software solutions making it the perfect solution for boardrooms or impressive digital signage in reception areas.

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