The AV cable giant Kramer is set to debut it’s new plug-and-play adapter cable K-SPIDER at ISE2020 next week in Amsterdam. The single multi format cable is designed to bring convenience to collaboration environments and replaces multiple separate cables, adapters, and dongles with a single multi-head cable. The adapter also provides full 4K60 digital video.



The design of this adapter provides users with a flexible solution that saves on installation time and costs, replacing the cumbersome variety of cables, adapters, and dongles that are currently needed for a meeting space installation with one cable. This new sleek and stylish approach provides one streamlined multi-format adapter solution for full 4K60 digital video.

The simple and elegant cable provides multiple benefits in one as it speeds up the setup time while maximizing the versatility and convenience for participants

The Kramer K-SPIDER supports a wide range of digital connections for laptops and mobile devices including HDMI, DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, and USB C inputs and an HDMI output.

With the K-SPIDER, everything that is required by end users is provided. Just plug it in and away you go—you quite literally can’t go wrong.


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