At Spectrum AV we offer affordable and innovative Audio and Visual Solutions designed especially for Education. Our team specialise in the commission and installation of AV solutions including:Digital Signage Boards, Touch Screen Displays, Interactive Projectors, SMART Boards and m

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We deliver high class, affordable solutions that can transform any space into an interactive, learning environment. Whether you are looking to engage and motivate your students in the classroom or introduce a visual digital communications system within your schools high traffic areas, we can tailor any solution to meet your exact needs and budget.


Interactive Boards:

The SMART range of Interactive Boards are ideal for use in classrooms, with screens starting at 55″ and collaborative software that stimulates learning and participation.

SMART Displays have been specially designed for use in the classroom, to enhance and encourage student engagement. With 4K resolution, multi-touch features and SMART Notebook integration.

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C Touch Interactive Display:

The C Touch Leddura are the latest generation of interactive large format touch displays, designed for use in the classroom or public display areas.

C Touch Interactive Screens offer durable, high definition screens, inspire your students with HD images, 4 point multi-touch interaction features and annotation. Hands-on learning has evolved.

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Digital Signage Display:

Digital Signage is a dynamic and affordable means to engage and communicate with pupils and teaching staff. Digital Signs are an effective method to broadcast alerts, notifications & achievements. EurosignDS offer clever functionality and simplicity. Digital Signage has become widely used by schools as a cost-effective method to communicate important content.

Casio Projector

Projectors & Peripherals:

We offer a wide range of projection options to suit every budget and learning environment, from the economic CASIO EcoLite XGA Lamp-Free projector to the EPSON Brightlink WXGA Multi-Touch Interactive projector, ideal for the modern classroom. Engage students with dynamic visual presentations and increase class participation.