Workplaces are becoming more and more adaptable towards the functional needs of it’s employees over the past decade. The main reason for this is that employer’s are recognizing the benefits of keeping the workforce happy as performance and productivity levels increase in conjunction employee satisfaction rates. You may think that perks such as monetary bonuses or extra annual leave are a top priority for most employees but studies have shown that a comfortable and effective working environment is high on the list for the majority. This is where the rise in popularity of collaborative huddle spaces has come from.





According to recent market trends identified by Frost & Sullivan, collaborative huddle spaces are projected to replace almost 70% of all meeting rooms by 2022. Most of the big tech giants around the world have collaborative huddle spaces littered all over their workplaces as they are the most cost effective way of utilizing every inch of space.


Here are some of the main reasons why collaborative huddle spaces are becoming so popular:

  1. Use of dormant space – Most companies have large entrance lobby’s or long hallways that are not being used to their full ability. That’s where these collaborative huddle spaces come in ideal to use up the space in an effective and efficient way for the workforce.
  2. Flexibility of working environments – The collaborative huddle spaces give employee’s the option to work from a different space depending on their needs and can provide an element of privacy or quiet area for those who work in open plan offices. The collaborative huddle pods can be placed indoors and outdoors giving employees plenty of options and flexibility for workplaces.
  3. Highly cost effective – The collaborative huddle spaces and particularly the all-in-one huddle pods take less than an hour to install and can be relocated if necessary. This means that you save on costs associated with building new meeting rooms. The huddle pods even come fully equipped with all of the audio visual equipment you will need saving you time and money associated with separate installation costs.
  4. Save large conference rooms for meetings – Currently many companies only provide medium to large conference rooms and meetings to all staff resulting in large rooms being booked out for small collaborative meetings that could be held in huddle spaces instead. By installing collaborative huddle spaces around the building staff can easily and conveniently use one of these spaces to conduct a small meeting instead of booking out a large meeting room that could be used by a bigger team.
  5. Keep an open floor plan – Many companies have an open floor plan only policy to encourage collaboration and reduce costs or separate office. This can sometimes provide problems for staff however, particularly with elevated noise levels and a lack of privacy for important one-to-one calls. The huddle pods come in multiple shapes and sizes suitable for one person up to a maximum of 12 people. Providing collaborative huddle pods in an open plan office gives employees the chance to make calls or conduct video conferencing calls in private.
  6. Pods are fully customizable – The collaborative huddle pods can be customized to any colour or size to represent your companies branding and ethos as well as bring an element of fun and modern design into the workplace.
  7. All AV requirements built in – The collaborative huddle pods come with built in furniture, lighting, acoustics and audio visual equipment such as displays, audio and video conferencing systems. This means the huddle pods will be fully functional within a few hours of arriving at your workplace saving you time and money on installation.



If you’re wondering how your team can move beyond the typical huddle space with tech-forward collaborative huddle pods look no further. Spectrum AV provides the highest quality collaborative huddle pods to ensure the maximum level of collaboration, engagement, and communication between teams.

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