As you may be aware some of the channels on free to air satellite have gone off. These channels are CBBC, Cbeebies,  BBC 3 &   4 and also BBC News & BBC Alba. Don’t worry, these channels have just changed frequency and can be easily re-scanned on your set top box. Here are the instructions for the Triax TSC 114 Combi box.

Triax TCS 114 :

First of all you need to delete the channels that are not showing anymore.

Deleting channels :

1. Press menu

2. Go to channel and press enter

3. Press enter on channel manager

4.  Find the channel you want to delete and press the green button to delete which will then ask you for a pin code. The default code is 0000

5. Once this is entered scroll left to confirm that you want to delete this channel.

6. Repeat these steps for all channels that are not showing.

7. Once all deleting is done press exit.

The next step is re-scanning for the lost channels :

1. Press menu

2. Press enter on installation.

3. You will be asked for pin code (0000)

4. Change installation type from all to DVB-S by pressing enter and scrolling down.

5. Go to transponder list.

6. Scroll down to transponder No. 8 which should be 10818-22000-v

7. Press blue button for scan then press enter button at promt and this transponder will scan in CBBC, BBC 3 & BBC News

8. Repeat these steps on transponder No. 5 (10773-H-22000) & No. 7 (10803-22000-H) to scan in BBC 4, Cbeebies & BBC Alba.

Lastly moving the re-scanned channels back into place :

1. Press menu

2. Press enter on channel

3. Go to channel manager

4. Press enter on the channel you want to re-locate and the channel will flash

5. Move channel into desired location and press enter.

6. Repeat this will all the channels that were re-scanned and once you’re happy press exit.

Job Done !