Barco has launched its new flagship ClickShare Conference product, enabling organisations to embrace a ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ approach to conferencing, with employees empowered to use whatever system they prefer to host remote meetings, without impacting quality, security or compatibility.

The corporate world is moving towards greater flexibility for its employees: according to Barco research, 71% of employees are already selecting their own preferred conferencing systems, with on average six different conferencing solutions being used by every company. But with greater flexibility comes significant challenges: many are concerned about the security implications of myriad systems being used at once, while the complexity of having different user experiences for employees and customers has proved challenging for many organisations.


The launch of the platform-agnostic, enterprise-grade ClickShare Conference means organisations can move to a true ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ approach, where users can easily integrate with other conferencing companies while adhering to their own company’s policies. The ClickShare Button enables its users to use the tools they know and trust on their laptop as well as ensuring data is securely managed throughout any interactions.

Lieven Bertier, workplace segment director at Barco, said: “The workforce is increasingly dominated by ‘natural collaborators’ in Millennials and Generation Z employees. This technically able and engaged workforce is screaming out for more flexibility and accessibility from their meeting technologies. ClickShare now brings the exact same experience for every type of conference in the contemporary office environment, whether in-person or working remotely. Users can bring their own device and conference wirelessly using any service in less than seven seconds – miniscule in comparison to the average set-up time of over seven minutes for a one-hour meeting.”


Bertier added: “We invented the wireless presentation category seven years ago with the launch of the original ClickShare, and we’ve had to continuously innovate to stay ahead and retain our market-leading position. The investment we’ve now made in ClickShare Conference is testament to this commitment, where we are providing a solution to our customers that will enable them to embrace the explosion of videoconferencing solutions, while solving some of the challenges they face around user experience, system consolidation and security. We believe this will change the face of the conferencing market forever and we look forward to seeing our customers benefit from this flagship new product.”


ClickShare CX-30

  • Full BYOD support
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Full interactivity and moderation
  • Works with your device, your conferencing platform (UC) and your brand of peripherals
  • Enhanced security
  • Connected and cloud managed
  • Delivered with 2 Conferencing Buttons
  • Collaborate with Conferencing Button or Collaboration App


The ClickShare Conference range consists of three models: the entry-level CX-20, the CX-30 and the high-end CX-50. The CX-20 is designed for huddle pods and small meeting rooms, offering the key functionalities of wireless collaboration and conferencing. The CX-30, which is suited to standard meeting rooms, adds a set of interactivity features such as touchback support, moderation, blackboarding and annotation. The high-end CX-50, for large meeting rooms, provides a premium AV collaboration experience with superior audio and video quality and offers the greatest opportunities for integration into existing IT and AV environments.

The new range is supported by a brand new ClickShare Conferencing Button, which instantly makes meeting room USB peripherals available on participants’ laptops. A new set of a collaboration and interactivity features have also been added to the ClickShare Collaboration App as part of the product range evolution.


*Adapted from AV Magazine